ADBC Board Members and Committee Chairs

Last updated 2/10/17

Board of Directors
Contact Us Marcia Anderson Chair        
  Mike Birmingham    
  William Cook, Ph.D.    
  Nancy Kern Vice Chair  
  John Piwowarski    
  Chris Franks    
  Marlene Vidibor Corresponding Secretary  
  Sandy Williams    
  Marion Ulmer    
Marcia Anderson
Committee Chairs
  Archives Marcia Anderson
  Bird Records and Reports William Cook, Ph.D.
  Budget and Finance Marcia Anderson
  Conservation Mike Birmingham
  Education Marcia Anderson
  Facebook Coordinator Chris Franks
  Field Trips William Cook, Ph.D.
  Membership Sandy Williams
  Program ~ vacant ~
  Public Relations John Piwowarski
  Publications Ellen Scott
Nancy Kern / Jim Matthews
  Website Marcia Anderson
    Website Technical Contact
  The Warbler  
    Editor Nancy Kern,
  Assisted by Marion Ulmer
    Layout Brenda Haynor
    Mailing Carl, Helen & Stephanie Specht,
Susan & Henry Scheck

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Alan Devoe Bird Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 20
Chatham, NY 12037